Clean the path

The cleaning process has started and we are getting rid of all the stones, gravels and rubbish left on the floor since years to make the path way to water as nice and smooth as possible !

Easier is easier

Massive, heavy duty stairs are now installed to facilitate and ease the access to the dive center area and then the water access. Full comfort and full safety for our customers is again our first priority.

Let there be light

More lights, more powerful and more eco-friendly. We have now replaced and reinstal all the lighting system with low energy “green” consumption LED lights.

Drone, you said

It may look just like an expensive toy, but the underwater drone is a fantastic tools for quick inspection, water and visibility check, exploration and small objects recovery.

Another "break" in the wall

We want the access to water to be as easy as possible. Breaking concrete walls, opening accesses and passages, moving stones again and again.

Breathing easy

The technical workshop and compressors room is finished, cleaned and well organized; ready to welcome the mixed gas filling station, the buffers and the B50s.

Portfolio - MoM

Keep it clean

A powerful pumping system now allows us to use a bit of the 100 000 m3 of fresh water available in the mine, for rinsing and cleaning the equipment or the place.

Portfolio - MoM

Solid as a rock

By means of boreholes, and with the help of experts, we analyzed the entire reinforced floors concrete structure which is to house the “diving center” part.
The strength is over 120 tons.

Power on

Electricity installed in the compressor room with high power and in the whole entrance area of the MoM where the diving center will be located. We now have light, tools, heat and comfort to work.

Portfolio - MoM


Water is everywhere in the MoM, but we were tired to be soaked wet because of uncontrolled waterfalls. Now, we have taken back the control and fixed the channels that were broken.


The MoM web site is finished. The English, Italian and French versions are ready to be transferred on line. Spanish, Russian and German landing pages and menus to follow.

So much

So many trips, kilometers, so many tons of raw material and tools and equipment.
Never give up !
The MoM is transforming and we are catching fast the delays and the days lost because of Covid.

Experts in the place

Geologist, Structural Engineer, Demolition, Construction, Electrician …
We have today a complete Team of experts to confirm feasibility, evaluate costs, propose solutions, start planning, connect with Commune and Region…
And the good news is: we are all OK !


We have installed a powerful Wi-Fi station in the MoM, allowing us to provide free Wi-Fi to all our customers. More service so that you can stay connected, dive and post, share with friends.

No effort before and after diving

We fundamentally believe that no one should carry heavy stages, twinsets or rebreather up and down to the water. So a 250kg fully electrical crane will lift then up and down between the preparation table and the dive zone.

Stairway to heaven

Portfolio - MoM

At the bottom end of the wet zone, we have opened, through the 25cm layer of concrete and steel, a new access to water. Now accessing the mine waters is easy, comfortable and safe. No more long tank carrying. It is no longer necessary to squeeze through a narrow opening and descend a 4m ladder. The wet equipment area is now 6 meters from the water!

Safety first

Six automated video cameras on key points, a brand new locker, closed openings (except for bats) and an alarm system installed.

Front of the MoM

We cut all the loose grass, cleaned the platform and weeded the front part of MoM. Access is way easier for trucks and cars and we have lots for car parking. A new fence closes the access during the works.