All dives must be pre-booked, prior to arrival, by contacting us at:

  1. Contact us, provide all documents
  2. Book a date/time
  3. Come diving

Access cannot be granted if you just show up !

Diving MoM


Access to water is very convenient and easy. The distance from the car parking to the water is less than 15m, on flat ground and then stairs. No climbing needed.

All tanks, rebreathers, stages and other heavy equipment are brought to the dive zone with electrical cranes avoiding lifting to the maximum.


Portfolio - MoM


Diving the MoM is a unique experience.

We have around 17°c/19°c temperature all year round in the galleries, so it is warm in the winter and fresh in the summer ! Our water temperature is 13°c/14°c all year round.

Levels and depths are changing during the year due to rainfall with a minimum in the summer and a maximum in the winter. 

The galleries are vast and spacious. Visibility varies from crystal clear to milky (limited to some areas) depending on the rain and the season but also on the divers… 

All galleries are separated by a thick layer of rock that varies between 5m and 6m, but in some cases reaches greater thicknesses.

There is absolutely no current in the flooded galleries.

Mastering buoyancy is mandatory since we have a layer of marl powder everywhere on the bottom floor of the galleries from 5 cm up to 20 cm in some places.


Galleries “Pelucchi” – Home of the Minautor

① → LEVEL -1 

The first flooded level has a Length of 225m.
The average Height of the gallery is 10m/11m and its Width is 9m/10m
Depth in the summer is 0 to -11m while Depth in the winter is –6m to -17m.

② → LEVEL -2 

The second flooded level has a Length of 275m.
The average Height of the gallery is 11m and its Width is 12m
Depth in the summer is -15m to -26m while Depth in the winter is –21m to -32m.

③ → LEVEL -3 

The third flooded level has a Length of 185m.
The average Height of the gallery is 11m and its Width is 12m
Depth in the summer is -31m to -42m while Depth in the winter is –37m to -48m.

There is a connection to “Valicelli” network passing underneath train that we have blocked to diving.
Its Length is 120m. The average Height of that gallery is 4m to 8m while its Width is 2m to 4m.

④ → LEVEL -4 

The fourth flooded level has a Length of 120m.
The average Height of the gallery is 10m and its Width is 11m
Depth in the summer is -48m to -60m while Depth in the winter is –54m to -66m.


Connection between levels can be done in the main pit but as well through secondary passages, ladders, ventilation holes, steps, stairs and shafts re-enforced in concrete. Excellent navigational skills are mandatory. The mine is fully equipped with fixed lines and navigational signs.

Portfolio - MoM
Portfolio - MoM

Galleries “Buttero” – A step into the unknown, expedition for adventurers

The galleries are not open to divers except for pre-booked and pre-organized expeditions reserved to highly skilled and experienced advanced full cave divers.

The first level only has been explored. It has a length of 260m with a Width of 7m to 11m and a Height of 10m.

The other galleries have never been dived nor surveyed. They are not equipped with fixed lines.


From archives, testimonials and books, it is said that this part of the mine could be 12 levels down. A train was connected on the surface to the main pit, going straight down, as it appears.


Given the structure of the mine and the usual way of digging used in the past we can expect to face extreme depths such as 180m.

Mine Trial Dive - Discover Mine Diving

Divers who always wanted to try diving underground but never had a chance: try with us!

You can come alone or with a friend. You will be diving with a qualified Instructor who will guide you, first in the cavern area (you will always be able to reach the surface but will not notice it), and then if you are comfortable you will make a small foray in the mine area, to get the full feeling.

Conditions are extremely easy and simple:

  • You must be certified OWD (or equivalent) over 18 years old,
  • You must have some diving experience: good buoyancy and preferably cold-water diving experience,
  • You bring your regular equipment: mask, fins, suit (you must have an adequate protection against cold (14°c) including suit – gloves – hood) but nothing more, we take care of the rest,
  • Your documents: certification, logbook, dive insurance and dive medial certificate,
STOP death sign

MoM Dive - Conditions for diving

Diving is dangerous. Cave and Mine diving are deadly. There is nothing in the MOM worth dying for!
Prevent your death. No entrance in the MOM is allowed without:

  • Solid proof of valid cave/mine diving certification (cave and full cave according to dive profile) from worldwide recognized training agency (RSTC, NSS-CDS, NACD, CMAS – others will be verified prior to diving).
  • Solid proof of all the necessary additional diving certifications for the specific dive from worldwide recognized training agency: Nitrox, SCR, mCCR, eCCR, hCCR, Dry Suit, DPV etc…
    Solid proof of cave/mine diving experience (logbook),
  • A valid medical certificate from a physician,
  • Solid proof of valid cave/mine diving insurance from worldwide recognized diving insurance company (DAN, Dive Assure, etc…),
  • Proper cave diving equipment checked and approved by MoM staff.

Before entering the water all participants need to:

  • Present and sign a dive plan (including rescue plan), 
  • Read, accept and sign liability release/discharge of responsibility,
  • Read, accept and sign the general rules/code of conduct of the MoM.

All first dives are guided dives.

MoM cave is an important and strictly protected national and regional treasure. The divers should be extremely cautious during diving, showing proper techniques and behavior and doing the lowest possible impact to protect the environment, flora and fauna and preserve its original condition.

Diving is limited to:

  • 1 dive group (1 guide + divers and + assistant if needed) at once in the mine, maximum 
    (Derogations may apply on special prior request)

  • 2 dive groups per day, maximum (9h00 – 14h00)
    (Derogations may apply on special prior request)

  • 4 diving days per week, maximum
    (Derogations may apply on special prior request)

It is strictly forbidden to take anything out from the mine, and all divers should strive for “contactless” diving.
Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the MoM (including electronic devices) prior to and after the dive.

Failure to comply with these rules will lead to lifetime expulsion.

Portfolio - MoM